June 23, 2008

the brain-less header…without actually noticing it, I just spent three hours listening to some pounding aka monotonous industrial music. I think I am in for a dolor de cabeza.

…exterminate, annihilate, destroy…

…should’ve known before I fucked you, girls like you are rock’nroll…

…I know it’s a sin to kiss and swallow…*

…get your body beat, let your blood flow…

and the worst/sickest/krasseste Text von allen (imagine melancholic, repetitive electronical music underlying these chanted lyrics): …stalingrad – massengrab…deutsche soldaten…tod…kältetod…

I mean – what the fucking hell is this about? (But that’s fodder for another post – right-wing tendencies in the gothic scene)

* Am I the only one to think this line has an explicitly sexual connotation?


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