Lullaby 27

October 8, 2008

ain’t no lullaby
powerless you watch
gifted in every field of knowledge
yet blessed with superior ignorance
i could shoot myself
in front of you
you would still simper

it’s a taunt jeer
in your eyes the coldness of centuries
countless souls put to death
alternatives laid to waste
i cut myself free
from these chains of old                                                                                                                                                  yet freedom has expired
you continue to smile

undam the damned
they have nowhere to go
except off the hooks
innocents turn into a bloody mass
it’s a lovely spectacle
all those colours, mainly red
and you can only blink

isn’t it ironic
how the fire cannot be extinguished
by the very ones
that caused extinction of reality
the world falls to ashes
humanity to dust
in front of you
while you grin stupidly
everyone resembles you


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