November 30, 2008

… ist rassistisch – “A kind of fever seized him at the thought that he might lose her, the white youthful body might slip away from him!”
Irony off

Oder doch eher sexistisch? IngSoc auf jeden Fall. Welches Interesse um alles in der Welt sollte ein sozialistisches Regime daran haben, dass Geschlechtsverkehr nur der Prokreation diene? Welches Interesse, “the proles” exakt ihr altes Leben nur von der Ideologie durchdrungen weiterleben zu lassen, nur um der Gedankenwäsche willen?

PS: Newspeak nervt gewaltig, zumindest wenn pro Seite zwei Einschübe a la ” to the Ministry of Peace (in Newspeak, Minipax)” auftreten. Subtilität scheint nicht Orwells Geschmack zu sein.



doublethink has been around for a while, so long, in fact, that it has become a treasured commodity. thinking is relative, truth is adaptive. people are capable of tremendous shifts in their mindset, just a fundamental as accepting 2+2=5, but usually a little more subtle. going from atheist to believer, from sparrow-beating worker-hero to enthusiastic victim of capitalistic principles, from idealistic thinker to corrupt politician, from hopeful child to desillusioned street vendor can’t be easy, but everyone clings to their new point of view as if it was a beacon of light, like a candle in midst of mind-numbing darkness, despite the fact that it’s the bright light engulfing us which destroys the nerves irrevocably. if sanity is statistical, madness has become standard. and, most demoralizing to me, if the past is malleable, there’s no way i’ll ever find out what the great fallacy (there seems to have been at least one in each era, every generation) of our time actually is, although i’ll probably live to see it being revealed – and then quickly being embraced in a way that suits the powers of the present. we’ll all have betrayed each other by that time. oceania has always been at war with eurasia.


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