Ireland II – 中国城

December 23, 2008

The Chinatown on Parnell Street (and the adjacent alleys) is really worth a visit – although it can be quite disconcerting for someone who’s never seen so many ethnic Chinese in one place. In some restaurants, the menu was in Hanzi only, so I suppose they’re not frequented by non-Chinese locals or tourists. I was tempted to have the language of my mobile changed to Chinese, but evetually decided against it as the phone tends to do ridiculous stuff anyway. It’s difficult enough to cope with Firefox and MSN being in Hanzi only, and QQ displaying questionmarks instead of characters. The food was awesome, but the waitress didn’t seem to consider customer service a priority. I might have confused her with my Chinese, though. I didn’t understand her English, my Dad couldn’t understand either of us, I think we’re even. I didn’t dare taste the Chicken feet. (Would you have?)







2 Responses to “Ireland II – 中国城”

  1. Sarah said

    Und, schon alles übersetzt?

    Die Handschrift ist schon sehr eigenwillig!

    • taohuayuan said

      Nicht wirklich, ich hab einfach ziemlich viel zu tun und ehrlich gesagt fehlt mir auch der Elan eine Werbetafel zu übersetzen. Irgendwann werde ich schon von alleine in der Lage sein, mehr als nur 70% darauf zu verstehen.

      Übrigens schön, dass du dich mal zum Kommentieren durchgerungen hast!

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