Plans, if you will

December 23, 2008

I’ve embarked on a new (but not novel) project, which I will christen the “100-10-30-3+” (Fancy name, I know). Basically, it’s a back-to-basics sort of plan, I remain hopeful that it’ll be less time-consuming than it sounds. The deal: 100 Chinese characters/words a day (curious about the retention rate), 10 kana (so it won’t take me much longer than a fortnight to learn them all), 30 pieces of Japanese/French/Finnish vocab and three maths exercises, a day. (The / represents an OR, not an AND.) Hopefully (I know this usage of hopefully is not entirely correct, but I couldn’t care less right now), I’ll get those 2000 most frequent Hanzi nailed down by the end of next month as well as the 5089 characters of by the end of March (considering that I should already know about half of them) and won’t confuse chefs and cuisiniers afterwards. (Trivia: If “brief” is a false friend, is “event” a false acquaintance?) Plus the revision needed for the Vorabi (by the by – if I am going to take the oral exam in History, is it still obligatory to take the VA in this subject? Seems a bit…pointless).

At least that’ll keep my thoughts off those dreaded nightmares that have kept haunting my dreams for months now – without a single exception. The only good thing about this situation is that the themes are not recurring – but that might be the downside as well; after all, this way I get to experience the full of range of gore and angst.

—-And somebody please tell my grandmother that “Kaninchen” is still meat, and will always remain so, at least  until somebody (probably a member of the Unitarians) invents a vegan food replicator.

—-Chinese college students give each other gifts of oranges and apples. How traditional!

—- It’s minus 30°C in Northern China. (Are the oranges frozen, I wonder?)

—-Flavoured coffee is disgusting, even though it’s fair trade.

—-Another one of those weird sundays. After postponing the attendance for some time because I couldn’t be bothered to get up at 8, I finally made it to church – and yeah, it was absolutely strange again. People raising their arms during Worship and getting baptized in a smallish swimming pool is not a sight I’m used to. “Our” pastor – who had donned a scarf with tiny “schwarz-rot-gold” emblems for the occasion – kept harping on about how we ought to pray for Germany and praising the prayer groups that had been set up. Prayer might be all lovely and god-pleasing and uplifting and stuff, but how about actually getting one’s hands dirty and doing something afterwards? Most of the people concerned probably wouldn’t give a damn about miracle healings and the like, why expect a miracle from God for their own lifes when they’re not willing to lift a single finger. Some people rest in their wealth, some rest in their prospects of Salvation. *sigh* Let the Holy Spirit work through you for a change; and quit staring at me when I have no clue what do with the host (am I the only one who gets squirmish about eating Jesus’ body? Really?) during communion. (By the way, I keep calling him “our” pastor because he’s the only one I know, and the person who regularly attends his church will know who I’m referring to. And, quite frankly, I always forget his name.)

—->  圣诞快乐!祝你们健康和乐趣!


2 Responses to “Plans, if you will”

  1. jonas said

    Shall I answer using English? Better not…
    Du gehst manchmal ein bisschen hart mit den Leuten um – keiner ist perfekt; und da ich weiß, dass du dich etwas mit der Materie beschäftigt hast, wirst du auch die Sache mit dem “Wir sind alle Sünder” nachvollziehen können. Aber das mit dem wirken lassen des Heiligen Geists, das hast du toll gesagt. Das wird schon noch, mit dir 😉 .

    Der Priester macht manchmal etwas kontroverse Sachen, aber er ist eigentlich ganz lustig. Bloß sein DDR-Fetisch kann ein wenig nerven, ich weiß nicht, ob du das mitbekommen hast.
    Über die Sache mit dem leib Jesu streiten die Theologen übrigens, für die Katholiken wird der Wein und das Brot auf wundersame Weise WIRKLICH Körper/Blut, andere wiederum betonen den Symbolgehalt und dann gibts ja noch die hier gemeinte Transsubstantation.

    • taohuayuan said

      (Komisch, heute ringen sich die ganzen stillen Mitleser zum Kommentieren durch…)

      Die DDR-Bezüge wurden tatsächlich sehr häufig eingestreut.

      “Das wird schon noch, mit dir 😉 .”
      Ich dachte mir gerade >> wenn der jetzt noch nach dem Motto anfängt “ich bete für dich”, dann krieg ich die Krise.<< 😛

      “streiten die Theologen übrigens”
      Uff, das ist ja fast so brilliant wie Paulus’ non-plus-ultra “Einer Frau erlaube ICH nicht zu lehren” und die Diskrepanz zwischen Protestanten und Katholiken.

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