>>Medicated Fade Cream<<

March 22, 2009


Trivial deliverance
paid long in advance
pouring into gaping mouths
decency on a duty call
who is right
after all?

Monotonous songs of defeat
pain on infinite repeat
penetrating bleeding ears
where is the line
between progress
and decline?

Carnivorous rhapsody
hope on a killing spree
prying open grimy skulls
“You have zero messages”
War put all TV series
on hiatus.

Circular shapes
on forlorn graves
bones dripping with glee
hail those worshipping decay
is this empowerment
gone astray?

Involuntary ragdoll effect
angst remains intact
invigorating skinny limbs
As we bend and break the truth
And a division of automatons
follows suit.

Down in waters deep
the righteous sleep
a thousand hearts pounding
like a human machine gun
beneath scarred skin
in unison.

Walking down the aisle
as we did for a while
every wheel stands still
deliverance got delayed
we were -alas-


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