Triumph des Wil…ähm…Proletariats

April 13, 2009

From :

BEIJING — China will release a major propaganda pic to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the revolution that swept the communists to power, featuring what its state-backed producers call the “most powerful lineup in the history of Chinese film.”

The movie, whose title translates as “The Great Cause of China’s Foundation,” is being overseen by China Film head Han Sanping and will be directed by Huang Jianxin.
[…] China Film declined to give the budget for the movie, but said the stars were offering their services at a special rate to support the anniversary of the state’s foundation.
Pic is supported by all government departments, ministries, local governments and the media.*
Zhang Yimou will stage-manage a huge parade in downtown Beijing planned for National Day.

Couldn’t they have founded the PRC two months earlier? Shame on you, Chiang Kai-Shek! 😉

The sentence in italics is especially interesting…



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