>>Prepare for War<<

May 14, 2011

You might say
you have gone one step too far
you don’t know yourself anymore
Little by little all drifts away
A world basking in the beauty of decay

You used to dream of a new life
a fate without poison and knives
You used to ask me to hold your hand
but that would sign your death warrant

Know that I have
a different song to dance to
another set of lies to live for
How would I know
what it is like to ignore
everything your heart aches for

Utter and complete mental annihilation
is just the next logical station
on this road trip
You assert your right to self-destruction
I am the embodiment of seduction

The drums of war surge through my body
I grow stronger with each drop of blood shed
I’m standing amidst death and need
A vision consumed by adrenaline and red
The fog is lifted as you charge ahead
Prepare for War

You can’t see me
writhing on the floor
just another battle whore
who sang my battle lore
you’re artfully disguised
with your face in the mud
and your hopes spilling from your gut

I am War – who can resist my allure?

[May ’11; inspired by Dakshina Kali and the game Darksiders; based on Daft Punks End of Line (Basic Slack Remix)]


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